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Nothing is more important than insurance in an emergency and travel is no different!

“All Canadians are strongly advised to arrange for medical insurance
(including the provision for emergency evacuation) prior to departure from Canada”
– Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
Not having adequate insurance while travelling abroad can be a very costly mistake.
$5 Million in Emergency Hospital Medical is available from only $72 per family!

Don’t leave home without it.

Protect your family from the high costs of expenses incurred due to an unforeseen incident while out of province.  Medical expenses alone can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in an emergency.  Most packages are 100% nonrefundabe and no changes are permitted for any reason so it is important the cost of your trip is protected.  The following travel insurance is available through your travel agent:
Emergency Hospital Medical: protect yourself from the high cost of medical expenses in case of an accident out of province
Trip Cancellation: protect the cost of your trip in case of emergency prior to departure leaving you unable to travel
Trip Interruption: cover yourself for early return home and protect the cost of the unused portion of your trip
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Bagage: coverage for lost or damaged baggage
Flight Accident 
Package insurance: Purchase pacakge insurance including all of the above and family rates are available.
Covid Insurance: covers costs of covid medical, emergency medical, quarantine and a new flight home in case of infection out of province

*If you have an existing insurance policy with another company, including your credit card, please verify that you have adequate coverage to protect you for the duration of your trip.  Over 60% of Canadians think they have more insurance than they do.

*If your credit card has cancellation coverage you will need to verify the amounts, we can purchase top up insurance if the full amount is not covered (most cards cover a maximum of $1500 pp or $5000 per trip)  Verify if 100% of your trip has to be purchased using that card to qualify for their coverage, covid is not covered
*If you have out of province medical insurance through your employer,  verify that it covers personal vacations and all family members while out of province.  Also ask if emergency and/or medical evacuation are included in your plan.  Ask if covid is covered – the majority of credit cards do not cover covid for cancellation, trip interruption  or medical.

COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan for Canadians travelling abroad

  • Provides emergency medical insurance for COVID-19 and reulated complications (up to $1,000,000 CAD for unvaccinated and $5,000,000 CAD if fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine to cover  expenses related to the treatment of COVID-19
  • Provides Emergency Medical Insurance coverage for Non-COVID-19 related medical conditions (up to $5,000,000 CAD per insured) excluding anything related to pre-exiting conditions. 
  • Includes Trip Interruption Insurance benefits in the event of quarantine (up to $200 per insured person per day for hotel and meal expenses to a maximum of $2,800 if you are unexpectedly required to self-isolate or quarantine. Family coverage maximum is $400 per insured family per day to a maximum of $5,600)
  • If quarantined, up to $500 for your one-way economy class airfare via the most cost-effective itinerary to return you home in the event you are delayed beyond the date you were originally scheduled to return home
  • insurance is refundable if your trip is cancelled prior to departure, $25 cancellation fee applies. 

Family rate $67.84 7 nights (pay for 2 adults and kids are free)

Whatever insurance you are taking with you, remember to bring your policy number and contact phone number with you in case of an emergency during your trip.

If you decline to purchase travel insurance from your travel agent, the agent is not responsible for expenses incurred due to an accident or emergency abroad.   
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