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They say that “Oceans take you to countries, rivers take you through them.” River cruising allows travellers to truly immerse in the destination, this is especially true for older children, tweens and teens with a love of history.  Rather than visiting one port in a country per day, merely scratching the surface of what this country has to offer, river cruising and visit multiple towns along the river journey, is a great value with dining, shore excursions, beverages, etc. all included. This intimate, relaxing and immersive way to see Europe, Asia and Africa with loved ones is the most convenient stress-free way to travel.

family river cruising, AMA waterways

family river cruising, AMA waterways,

Stress-free vacation

Ease of travel –    River cruising is extremely convenient as your accommodation moves you from place to place, no need to pack and unpack or check in and out.  There is no time wasted on buses, trains or flights or driving yourself  to get from one place to another. The river ship brings you right in to the destination, you will dock at small town and big cities alike and can walk right off the ship in to the destination.  This reduces travel time and maximizes your time in the destination.

Exclusive views – Many castles towns and were built on the rivers as they were the highways of the past.   There are so many sights that you can only see from the river, they are not visible in a car or on a train.  The vineyards climbing the hills in the Wachau or Duoro Valleys, the Castles perched on a hilltop with vistas over their territory can only be seen from the river.  When this is combined with the ease of travel, it makes river cruising one of the most convenient forms of travel there is.

Did you know that the popularity of family river cruising is growing?  River cruise lines are beginning to shift their focus to families with older kids as they realized that families are the perfect market for this exceptional form of travel.

All-inclusive River Cruising

Inclusive pricing –  River cruising is very inclusive, meals, drinks including coffees and alcoholic beverages with meals, shore excursions, are all in the cruise fare.  This means you will not leave the ship with a hefty bill.  You even have a choice of excursion in each port and sometimes there can be more than one port a day so you get to see and do lots without the excess expense of tours.  With costs ranging from $75-250 per person the savings for a family is substantial!

These excursions can bring history to life for kids and teens, to visit the actual place you read about in your textbook provides a greater understanding of the period.   All travel provides cultural enrichment, but river cruising takes it to the next level.  Local performances, regional cuisine, cooking classes and more are arranged for you, many are even included in your fare.  On family itineraries, extra experiences are added:  language lessons, arts and crafts, etc.  Most lines also have bikes on board, which can be more fun than just walking around and allows you to see even more of the destination.

River ships are smaller so you will see your extended family more often compared to the new mega ocean liners with 5000+ people on board.  Multigenerational families love river cruising, it is an exceptional way to be immersed in a destination along with your loved ones.  There is no need to move hotels, packing and unpacking, paying for meals and drinks or excursions and transportion, the river takes you along .  spend more time together as a family than you might on a large ocean cruise where everyone is off doing their own thing. River cruises also have convenient pricing strategies, with gratuities and other extras often bundled into the fare. That makes budgeting for a family vacation slightly easier (and unlike a land tour, you’ll only need to unpack once).

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